6 Tips to Successfully Conduct a Daily Huddle.

So many of us start our day in the office around the coffee machine, chatting with a colleague about the weekend just gone, the delicious dinner you created the night before, or perhaps discussing an issue you are having with a certain task at work. Then more of your awesome teammates arrive and you find yourself having the same conversations again and again, until suddenly you’re 20 minutes into your workday but haven’t hit the power button on your computer yet.
So, although it has been great to catch up with work friends, it has not been productive or beneficial to the business. It’s also more than likely added extra stress to your day as you are now behind schedule.

So, how can this be avoided?
Here at anspired we run a Daily Huddle. A short 10 – 15-minute meeting at the start of the day that allows us to have the entire team come together in one place, and get informed and aligned on the day ahead. Being available as a team stops those 20 minutes desk chats on what is a 2-minute issue.

When run correctly, the huddle helps your organisation track progress and reduce interruptions throughout the day.
It’s a safe place to discuss any challenges or issues you might be having with a certain task and encourages team collaboration at the same time. There will be no need to repeat yourself. You can say it once and be sure that everyone heard it, in the same way, at the same time.

Are you ready to run a daily huddle in your office?  
To help you get started, we have put together a list of 6 Tips to Successfully Conduct a Daily Huddle.      

 1) The Timekeeper. 
Timing is a critical part of what makes this meeting so successful. It is important to start the meeting at the same time every day and become routine for all staff. It should run for no more than 15 minutes, so we suggest using a timer to encourage staff to stay on topic and on track.

 2) The Happy Thought. 
This is a great way to break the ice and start the meeting with a positive vibe. Open with each staff member taking a turn to share some good news, a personal achievement or a joke that will get everyone laughing.

 3) The One With The Agenda. 
It can be so easy to get off topic and spend too much time discussing things that have no place in the huddle. To prevent this from happening we recommend that each staff member take it in turns to host the huddle and keep everyone to the schedule. Create a speaking order, this way each person knows they will be able to contribute and when its their turn to speak. 

 4) The Place To Be. 
Most of us spend too much of our day sitting behind a desk, so why not take the opportunity to stand up for the huddle and get everyone moving. Choose a place within your office that has enough room for your team to stand together and meet.

 5) The Numbers. 
Save some metrics you can display and share with staff. It could be a report that outlines the previous days sales, internal process metrics, financials figures and so on. Displaying these numbers is another effective way to keep staff motivated and on track to reach optimal performance. It’s also a great way to celebrate your staff and acknowledge them for their efforts. 

 5) The Inspiration.  
Wrap up the daily huddle by adding in a little bit of fun. Share an inspirational quote, a funny joke, or a fun ‘did you know’ fact that leaves staff smiling before they start their workday.

With a daily huddle now set in motion, you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse and focus on what is most important. 
Never underestimate the power of your team! Sharing helpful information and playing a part in each other’s victories can significantly boost morale and help someone who may have been struggling.

We highly recommend you incorporate a daily huddle into your work schedule each day. This might sound like a lot, but we guarantee it will be the most effective meeting you have.

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