Top Ten Tech Tips.

Does the use of technology come naturally to you? Or do you feel like it takes you twice as long as others to complete what is considered a simple task?

The team here at anspired thought it would be useful for us to share our ‘Top Ten Tech Tips’ in hopes it will improve your working day and help save you time when working on your daily tasks.

One – Clipboard History.
Have you ever ‘copied & pasted’ something, only to need it again later but you have already copied something else? Fun fact, it’s still there! Select the Windows Key + V at the same time to access your clipboard.
From the clipboard history, you can paste, and pin frequently used items by choosing the ellipsis in your clipboard menu. Pinning an item keeps it from being removed from the clipboard history.

Two – Scroll Wheel.
Did you know the scroll wheel on your mouse is also a handy little button?
Push this button on a link to quickly open it in a new tab. You can also use the scroll wheel to close any open tabs by clicking anywhere on the tab.

Three – The Benefits of Dual Monitors.
According to a recent study, productivity increases by up to 42% when using multiple monitors. This makes it one of the most effective ways to increase your staff efficiency and business output for a relatively small cost.

Four – Snip & Sketch.
Looking for a quick way to take a screenshot? Select Windows Key + Shift + S.
This shortcut will open Snip & Sketch (when using Microsoft Windows). It allows you to select an image of your entire screen.

Don’t need the entire screen?
Select the Rectangular or Freedom Snip to snap only a portion of what you are working on.

Five – Re-open Closed Tab.
Opps! Did you accidentally close the tab you were working from? No need to panic, there’s a handy shortcut that will re-open the last tab closed from your web browser. Select Ctrl + Shift + T.

Six – Switch Screens.
If you are anything like me, you have multiple applications open at once find yourself switching between screens often. By selecting alt + tab, you can quickly cycle through your open windows.

Seven – Double or Triple Click.
You can highlight any word by double clicking on it and then select the ellipsis to copy, search and more. By triple clicking, you will highlight the entire paragraph.

Eight – Quick Delete.
Whether its in a word document, an email or even a search you are doing in your browser, by holding down Ctrl and pressing the backspace key, you can delete entire words at a time, rather than single characters.

Nine – Rearrange Window Display.
Rearrange how your windows are displayed and shuffle them around your screen for improved layout by selecting Windows Key + arrow keys.

Ten – Minimise Open Windows.
Select Windows Key + D to minimise all open windows at once and return to your Desktop.
To re open them all, simply repeat the process.

By providing you with these 10 helpful technology tips, our ultimate goal is to help you save valuable time in your workday and become more productive.

Did you learn something new?
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