Unified Communications. The anspired guide to a business phone solution.

What is a Unified Communication?

Unified Communications refers to a phone solution that integrates a collection of communication types within your business, giving you an improved full functioning phone solution, at a fraction of the price of a ‘traditional’ phone system. Whether its email, video conferencing, voice calls or voicemails, it is all about making your business communication easier and more efficient.

Our anspired solution allows multiple sites on the one system. This means you can monitor extensions from any site, on any handset. You will have the ability to design call flows that will answer or redirect calls from any site with no extra charge. Whether it be Christmas closures, public holidays, temporary closures or even power outages, your personalised call flows will help support you with powerful automation. The online portal provides you with the ability to control your communications with ease and flexibility.

What are the benefits?

For majority of businesses, the greatest benefit is simplifying all forms of communication and allowing their employees to work more efficiently with a reliable and streamlined solution. But that is not all it will offer you.

Initial cost savings:
Significantly less cost over purchasing a traditional PBX as you only need to purchase phone handsets and not a complete system.

Ongoing cost savings:
Call rates are much more cost effective than your typical phone line rates, saving you on your bill each month.

Geographical Flexibility:
Employees can work from anywhere, with only an internet connection required. This gives both you and your employees the flexibility to work from home, the office, another state or even internationally and continue to work as normal.

Increase your number of extensions as your business increases. Pay only for the phones you require; we grow with you!

Music On Hold:
With Captivate on Hold, every time a user is placed on hold, be it by a user or in a queue, the MOH carries on from the last point. Ensuring that a company’s marketing is played correctly and that their customers have a good experience.

Quick set up:
Our phone solution can get your business up and running in a short time frame. Much faster than a traditional system.

Multi-Site Locations:
Does your business have multiple office locations? Maybe you currently have staff working from home? With your Unified Communications you can make internal calls for free between all your locations. Increase your collaboration and easily conference between locations.

Voicemail to Email:
Have your Voicemail messages delivered to your email with an audio attachment so you can easily listen when you are available.

Caller Identification:
We can upload or give you access to add your client’s contact details into the phone book, so that their ID displays for you when the call.

At anspired, we have meticulously crafted an enterprise grade phone solution to empower businesses like yours, with functionality and flexibility that previously only large corporates could afford.

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