Unified Communications

The Anspired solution is our own Hosted UC (Unified Communications) Platform which will provide simplified management and reporting.

This solution has the benefit of easy expansion and can have multiple sites on one system and therefore you can monitor extensions from any site on any handset. You will have the ability to design call flows to answer or redirect calls to or from any site with no extra expense. This will help increase efficiency and productivity yet make operation simple and flexible. An online portal will give you the ability to control your communications and set-up as much as you desire.

The Broadsoft platform is the biggest IP hosted platform in the world and is used by all the major carriers in Australia.

This will also give you access to all forms of Unified Communication such as Voice-mail, Auto Attendant, Presence monitoring, mobile phone integration and video communication via any device.

Anspired Unique Advantages over other local providers.


Anspired Hosted IP Platform is built to run on the NBN, so when the NBN comes to your area you can confidently migrate across without having to upgrade or replace hardware.

Locally Hosted UC Platform

Currently most local providers utilise the BroadCloud hosted offering to deliver IM&P, Video Calling and Screen Sharing, which is hosted, overseas and subsequently can have significant lag associated. At Anspired we have locally hosted all these services on our own platform, as we see the market gradually migrating from Voice to a Voice / Video environment. Because of this we saw it as critical to have a fast and reliable locally hosted and redundant platform to deliver these services.

Simplified Client Portal

Broadworks Compilot was never build as a client portal and for customers it’s too complicated, to resolve this issue we have implemented a user friendly portal that only shows our customers what they need to see and nothing else.

Fraud Mitigation

Novum Unified has real time built in Fraud Detection that not only detects fraudulent activity but practively blocks the offending user and provides notification of the activity to the customer and also our NOC for investigation. This will alleviate customers receiving unexpected large bills from fraudulant call traffic.

Music On Hold

We have teamed up with Captivate on Hold to provide the only On Hold solution in Australia that address the issue of music on hold solutions starting at the same point every time a call is put on hold. With Captivate on Hold everytime a user is placed on hold, be it by a user or in a queue the MOH carries on from the last point. Ensuring that a company’s maketing is played correctly and that their customer have a good experience.

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