Microsoft Teams Backup Essentials Guide

Microsoft Teams – part of Microsoft 365 subscription contains data that is crucial to your business.
But how do you protect that data and make sure it is recoverable if the worst happens? 

anspired are here to help.

Back Your Business, Backup With Anspired

What are the benefits of backing up Microsoft Teams?

With so many people now working remotely, it has never been more important to ensure your organisation and staff are properly protected. With increased use of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, comes increased risk of cyber-attacks & even human error.

Stay in control of your data by connecting our comprehensive, and secure backup system to your Microsoft 365 subscription.
With anspired, we can recover your entire organisation, right down to individual files or emails. Your data will always be available, keeping your team productive and able to recover quickly in the event of an incident.

The following data is protected:

  • Teams conversations
  • Your shared files
  • SharePoint data
  • Outlook emails and calendar entries
  • OneDrive storage
  • Channel Tabs
  • And more… 

The top 5 reasons to backup your Teams data.


If your data is locked by a ransomware attack, a backup is vital to help you rapidly recover.


Regulation means some files need to be retained for years. A backup is a reliable, cost-effective way to achieve this.

Malicious Insider

A motivated insider can cause havoc by deleting files and chats. A backup means data is not permanently lost.


Built in tools make it easy to find specific information to satisfy legal requests from court actions.

Accidental deletion

Accidents happen and a reliable backup makes it straightforward to recover files and chats that have been accidentally deleted.

Back Your Business, Backup With Anspired

Back Your Business.

Backup With anspired.

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