Why Outsourced I.T Support Is Better Than Break-fix.

As a company, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s #1 Protected Services Provider and popularising Managed I.T Support within Australia. anspired was created with a core vision to protect medium enterprises from I.T threats with a Protected Services Partnership. With the increasing sophistication of Cyber-attacks, Phishing scams and other threats increasing every day, you cannot afford to drop your guard when it comes to your I.T support and security.

In today’s climate with so many of us working remotely, it’s becoming clearer that Managed Services are the way to go, and smart businesses are switching to this model in droves. We wouldn’t be surprised if the break-fix model was completely gone in the coming years. However, if you are still undecided are need more specifics around why you should make the change, read on. We have compiled a summary on exactly why Managed I.T Support is superior.

Disadvantages to the break-fix system.

Broken incentives system:
You don’t need a PhD in psychology or economics to know that humans are driven by incentives. And even a cursory glance at the break-fix model will tell you that that the incentives structure is completely broken. 

In a break-fix model, the IT support provider has absolutely no incentive to prevent things in your office from breaking down. Why would they? In fact, the more stuff breaks in your office the more money they make. Now, this isn’t to say that break-fix IT providers go out of their way to “rig things for failure”. Most of them do genuinely fix things to the best of their ability. It’s just that they won’t go that extra mile and perform all those extra checks to make sure things don’t break again.

Managed IT providers, on the other hand, have an incentive to make sure things don’t break. And in this pursuit, they will do whatever it takes to make sure things work smoothly. This includes working with your staff, giving extra tips on best practices, knowing your business inside and out, being available to you 24/7 and so much more.

No way to budget your IT expenses:
The reason some new companies still choose a break-fix option is purely down to them not having enough knowledge when it comes to their business I.T infrastructure. They often reason that nothing in their office is broken, so why pay for a managed service if everything is working fine right now? And then, out of nowhere something breaks, and they find themselves being hit with a large and unexpected bill. With break-fix, you have no idea when an unexpected expense will come in, and often it can come at the worst time possible.

With anspired as your Protected Service Provider, you know your I.T costs upfront and can budget for it easily, allowing you peace of mind year-round.

Hidden issues go by unnoticed:
While it seems like it, issues in software and hardware don’t just pop out of nowhere. There is usually a slow build-up of smaller issues that are easy to miss. 

When you go with a “break-fix” solution, they will only fix the issues that you have noticed and requested for them to repair. But what about the issues you don’t see? Who is monitoring your systems?

Without someone monitoring your systems 24/7, issues in the background could easily go unnoticed. By the time you or one of your employees notice something isn’t quite right, it has typically become a far more serious issue that comes with a far bigger repair bill! It also means you will likely suffer some productivity and interruption related costs, adding to the already large bill. Let alone the extra stress!
With anspired, any issues will be detected early on, and often fixed before you were even aware it existed. This prevents any business interruptions and no need fork out for large, unexpected bills. As an anspired Ultimate Client, 24/7 monitoring of your systems is included.  

Depending too much on trust:
You will need some level of trust in the experience and capability of your IT provider, whatever the model. However, due to the way each of the models is structured, you take upon a lot more risk when you go with a break-fix-type provider.

If you really trust a break-fix provider, and you know that they care about your business, you can get some decent results. However, this means that you must spend a lot more time vetting and interviewing such providers to ensure they have your interests at heart.

On the other hand, when you go for a managed-service provider, your own interests are taken care of by the model itself. The managed-service model ensures that the provider must care about your long-term IT health and business operations. 

You will still get better results if you do your research and find a provider you can trust. However, you are taking on a lot less risk, and need to invest much less of your trust.

Advantages to the managed IT support system

Better familiarity with your business needs:
When you work with a Managed IT Support team on a recurring basis, this allows them to get acquainted with your business. This means getting a deeper understanding of who you are, how you operate, your business goals and so much more. This is very different than break-fix models where a person just comes and repairs broken stuff, and then leaves.

With anspired, we come to know you by name and how your business works.

Proactive and preventative in nature:
By its very definition, break-fix models are designed to be reactive in nature. Managed I.T Services on the other hand, are designed to be proactive.

MSP’s have the incentive to maintain their clients I.T infrastructure and ensure they are operating safely and efficiently from the get-go. Their own productivity and profitability rely on it.

With a proactive approach to I.T Management, your MSP can achieve optimal network stability, enterprise-level automation, reduce human error and give you peace of mind that your system will ‘just work!’

Managed IT support provides better value in the long-run:
Many inexperienced businesses believe that it will save them money to utilise a break-fix option. This is for the very simple reason that the upfront cost stands at $0. After all, things in the office seem to be working ok at the moment. What are the odds something major breaks out of nowhere and you’re stranded with a big emergency repair bill? Well, the odds are quite large that it will happen to you, and at the worst time possible.

Clients who operate with Managed I.T Support pay set monthly fees that are typically much smaller then break-fix billings. These monthly billings are predictable payments which allow your business to budget accordingly and avoid those large unaccounted-for bills.  
If you want a successful business in the long run, you want to make your decisions from a long-term perspective.


If you are currently looking to outsource your I.T Support, you’re in the right place.
After spending many years in the break-fix-based corporate world, our founder’s saw the future and formed anspired. We’re not just your standard MSP. Your business success is our passion, our motivation, and the reason we have built our entire model around maximising benefits for you and your entire organisation through proactive and reliable support.

Got questions? We would love to hear from you, reach out to us today.